This is not considered one of the final status issues, but it focuses on the Jewish/Israeli narrative of Zionism and need for a Jewish State and the Palestinian narrative of dispossession culminating in the 1948 Nakba.

Discussions tried to address both narratives and not just how one saw their own narrative. Although both narratives are not mutually exclusive, the goal of this topic is to illustrate and point out an important aspect of the conflict—that of human understanding.

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Issa Amro Yishai Fleisher Emmanuel Navon
Yossi Beilin Hamas Elie Pieprz
 Noam Chomsky Nader Hashemi Magid Shihade
 Mohammed Dajani Badran Jaber Murad Shtewi
Alan Dershowitz Amal Jamal Yuli Tamir
Bassem Eid Mordechai Kedar Einat Wilf
Norman Finkelstein Yisrael Medad