Badran Jaber

Badran Jaber is a Palestinian that currently lives in Hebron. He was a former leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).



The international community and international law confirms the borders of pre-1967, and this is what should be. Anything less than this (which is our right), is declined. Establishing a Palestinian state within the borders of 1967 including all of its people is something that would end the war.

Right now I support two-states where Palestinians get all of their rights. This is something for now. If in the future the relationship is so good and there is peace, there could be an option of one-state for all of the people while preserving all minorities rights.

I refuse the idea of land swaps. Our land is sacred and we refuse to negotiate on anything from our land. This is a very ridiculous idea and the aim behind it is ridiculous. Because the aim of presenting this idea is to cover the crimes of the occupation and the leaders of the occupation are presenting something delusional.



They are all illegal and I refuse any Settlements in the Palestinian state. No annexations by Israel. If some of the people in the settlements change their ideas, stop their attacks on Palestinians, stop their aggressiveness, and acknowledge Palestinian rights, then, as humans, we would accept them. And the one condition is that they would have to live under Palestinian rule and accept it. Also, a settlement itself as a village or a city is an occupied land, so they would have to live in mixed places if people want to stay. But, we would refuse them now because of their attitudes and because they are aggressive.



This is the wrong question to ask. The ones that should be worried about the security are the Palestinians, not the Israelis, since the Israelis are the occupiers. The Palestinians are the ones that are deprived of their land, the ones that are killed on the checkpoints, the ones that are prevented from clean water. It should be asked for the Palestinians, not the Israelis. The Israelis have the rifles, the air force, the strong army. We do not have anyone to protect us. Gaza is a seized place; it is not the one seizing (different word?). In Gaza no one can leave. We are the victims, how is this question asked?



UN resolution 242 and all of the decisions since then have said that Jerusalem is an occupied place, especially East Jerusalem. The only way to get on with this is to end the occupation of East Jerusalem. And after that, we can discuss the new situation and can speak about the whole city of Jerusalem. This is also what was stated in the Oslo agreement, that a Palestinian state must be established with all the areas that were occupied during the war of 1967, including East Jerusalem.

The Old City is part of all the UN decisions that states the same thing: that Palestinians have the right of sovereignty over East Jerusalem, including the old city, for themselves.

Jews should not be allowed to pray in or near Al Aqsa Mosque because all of these are steps to take the occupation further and to control the Mosque. All of the international community confirms this and says that this is an Islamic mosque and that Jews should not be allowed to get inside the mosque. No prayer, not even near it. The Al Aqsa mosque and its whole area is an Islamic place and all of these attempts to do Jewish prayers around it is a way to control it, and this is illegal.

All this happens because of the American support for the Israelis.



Everyone returns to his homeland, to his own city, from Metula to Um ‘al-Rashrash‎ (Eilat). UN resolution 194 says they have the right to return to their own villages and cities. This includes everyone including their descendants. Everyone who was born to Palestinian parents or a father that is Palestinian has the right to go back to his own city since these people were forced to leave during the wars that were launched by the Zionist groups.

With regards to the loss of the Jewish majority/Jewish state if the entire right of return is enforced, it is not our problem. We are not responsible for them. The world that brought them to this place is responsible for them. The Jewish people came as occupiers. They have this majority because they forced 1.8 million Palestinians out of Palestine, and there are now 5.5 million world-wide refugees.



The Zionist movement is a racist movement that kidnapped the Jewish identity to use as a tool for the imperialists (United States, Britain) to control this whole area, particularly Palestine.

In this sense, we refuse this thing. We don’t have a problem with Jews, just with Zionists. Judaism is a religion and not a nationality. There are Muslims anywhere in the world (China, India), and they don’t ask for the right to decide their future. Jewish people could live in all the areas they used to live/came from.



I stand with these groups. It is a humanitarian responsibility for these groups to boycott Israel since these people do not have any other means to stop this aggressive state. These people do not have tanks or soldiers so this is their moral and humanitarian responsibility. This is a state that attacks them and prevents them from their own rights and things like water. I think these people are doing a good job and this is the only way for them to oppose the occupation.



It is even more Apartheid than South Africa. It’s an apartheid and a racist country that uses all of its means against the Palestinian people. One example is how they explain the demolition of the houses in the Negev, and the Galilee, where they destroy Palestinian houses. The Jewish people have the right their live wherever they want (including settlements), while Arabs are attacked and their houses are demolished by bulldozers everywhere.